Wednesday, 24 June 2015


Dancing is an art involving movement of body rhythmically. Dance gives a lot of pleasure and calmness and confidence. Dancing is a way of communication through its different forms. Through various dance competitions it provides a good platform to make a career in it.


Dance has its various forms like contemporary, hip hop, bollywood, jazz, salsa, all these are the modern dance forms. Indian culture also has different dance forms originated in different regions of India. So different regions promote different types of dancing. As in Tamil Nadu bharatnatyam is famous, kathakali in kerala, kuchipudi in Andhra Pradesh, odissi in Odissa and many more. One can also make career in these various dance forms. 


Dancing can be awesome career if one has keen interest in it. Dancers perform in musical productions, opera, musical theater, television, movies, musical videos. As now employment of dancers and choreographers has been increased rapidly. One can also become choreographer which is nowdays in demand. An individual can also start its own dancing school.
So the dancing can be seen as a pass time, enjoyment or also can be pursued as a career

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